"Tanguy Le Retour" Opening Title Sequence (Collaboration)

This opening title sequence made in 4K, shows one of the best part of Kuntzel+Deygas art : it consists of a smart mix of drawed technics in a poetic world in volume.

What I Did : supervision & 3D lighting / rendering / compositing

Direction : Kuntzel+Deygas
Production : Add a Dog Studio
Drawings : Florence Deygas
Typography : Violette Chatilliez
Modeling : Grégory Thomas (alias Gregos)

3D Animation : Patrick Daher (alias Pat)
2D Animation : Agnès Fauve

Texturing, rendering & compositing : Pierre Chaumarat
Texturing, rendering & compositing : Alexandre Scalvino
Editing : David Haddad (alias Doudiv)
Therapeutic dogs : Violette (la chauve-souris) & Lupin