"Catch Me If You Can" Opening Title Sequence (Compositing Assistance)

This creation is the opening title sequence of Steven Spielberg's film Catch Me If You Can featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Nathalie Baye.

What I did : My very first job in CGI, as a Compositing Assitant

Kuntzel + Deygas then creates their first title sequence, responding to the wish of Steven Spielberg to merge his audience in the 60s atmosphere during the title sequence, in order to start his film without having to establish it.

Kuntzel + Deygas decided to imagine they were back in the 60s, among other young emerging colleagues named Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, with their own style and creation process. That is why the core of this creation is created by hand with organic tools such as paper, ink, and classical frame by frame animation. In order to keep a contemporary feel -this creation belongs to nowadays- the raw hand-made material they created was subtily housed in a sophisticated CG work.

The montage of the Sequence is beautifully enhanced by the original music, directely scored by John Williams on Kuntzel + Deygas's montage.

To the worldwide https://app.fabrik.io/#audience, the result bears the sensation of a lost paradise, and if this sequence didn't won any Oscar it is only because the Title Sequence category doesn't exist at the Academy Awards..

Created by : Kuntzel+Deygas
Production : Add a Dog Studio
Music : John Williams